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adheres to the following practices in customer relations.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but this indirect method reduces the amount of spam received from automated spam machines, which are not human beings. Please write to us at the address which consists of the word admin followed by a series of numerical digits, and then the usual suffix at crimsonbird dot com. The digits change occasionally, and the currently valid pattern is displayed here. Long-term business partners will be given a more permanent and more direct address to use.


It is our objective that all of our web pages are rated G for general audiences.


We do not collect any information about individual visitors. Web server statistical reports only give us the ability to retrieve the counts of visitors by search engine and keyword. For example, we may determine that our book review of the biography of Harry S. Truman has had a hundred visitors who found it by typing the keyword phrase "President Truman" into the Google search engine, etc. We but we have no way to determine who or where the visitors are, nor do we have any interest in ever gathering such information.

This web site does NOT write any cookies to your computer. This site does not record or track visitors in any way, neither by means of cookies nor by any other method, because the owners of this site believe that it is morally wrong to do so.

Many of our pages have links to online stores. If you use our links to go to those shopping sites, it is probable that those other sites write cookies, because it is necessary for maintaining individual shopping carts and check-out. To read the articles on this site, you will never have to set your web browser to accept cookies. However, if you intend to click on paid advertisements or shopping links that you find at our site, before doing so, please set your browser to accept cookies.

Change posted April 8, 2009: Google requests that we include this notice, as this site contains Google advertisments. "Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on this site. Google's use of the DoubleCick DART cookie enables it to serve ads to the users based on their visit to this site and other sites on the Internet." In describing the purpose of that DoubleClick cookie written by Google ads, DoubleClick says that it "helps marketers learn how well their Internet advertising campaigns or paid search listings perform."


This site will never have pop-up advertising because the owners believe that automatic pop-ups shows great disrespect for the visitors. There are some instances when the user manually clicking a link to navigate to another page will open that new page in a new browser window, instead of opening it in the current window, however, new windows are never opened automatically merely by reaching this site or viewing any page. If you experience any pop-ups when you are at this site, that means that your own computer is infected with malware/spyware which is causing the problem at your end.


Since 1999, this site has accepted paid advertising. At various times, a source of income for us has been compensations according to various advertiser methods: compensation according to the length of time that an ad is displayed, compensation according to the number of times an ad is displayed to visitors, compensation according to the number of times that visitors click on ads, or compensation according to a percentage of the funds that a customer spend at a business site after finding that business through ads displayed on this site. During any period of time that advertising is currently being displayed, additional information may appear at this location.


Book authors, musical artists, publishers, producers, and marketing agents, please note: We accept complimentary books, video DVDs, music CDs, audio books, and certain other types of products, for the purposes of writing reviews online. All parcels should be sent to the postal address given below under the heading of "ownership." We do not guarantee or imply that material sent to us unsolicited will be reviewed. Material sent to us will not be returned to the sender. We are often behind schedule, and cannot guarantee how many weeks or months of delay there may be before we publish a review. At this time we are soliciting review copies of nonfiction books, but we have no immediate plans to review fiction. So that you do not waste your resources on us, note that all books chosen recently for review have been in the subjects of popular science and history/biography/memoirs. If you would like to contact us for verification before sending anything to us, you may wish to email us first.


We seek verious kinds of articles that we may publish on the web site. Such text may be emailed to the address which appears at the top of this page. If you are the author or the authorized distributor of the material, the act of emailing it to us implies that you grant us permission to publish it online. Do not send such materials which are copyrighted by someone else who has not given you authorization to distribute it. We reserve the right to place advertisements on the same web page as this submitted text. We do not guarantee that we will use materials which are sent to us.


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